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Parliamentary Counsel's Office

This is the corporate website for the NSW Parliamentary Counsel's Office (PCO). The website contains corporate information about the PCO and its functions, plans, reports and policies. There are also links to Related Links.

NSW Legislation

The Parliamentary Counsel's Office maintains the NSW legislation website at www.legislation.nsw.gov.au, which is the official NSW Government site for the online publication of legislation (including official notification of the making of statutory instruments and of Government Gazettes). The website also contains information guides about NSW legislation.

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Parliamentary Counsel's Committee

The Australasian Parliamentary Counsel's Committee ("PCC") represents the drafting offices in Australia and New Zealand and provides a forum for the preparation of national uniform legislation, discussion about the development of legislation and the management of those drafting offices. The PCC also holds drafting conferences and an IT Forum for those drafting offices.The NSW Parliamentary Counsel is the Secretary of the PCC.

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